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Unlike typical, one-size-fits-all “corporate wellness providers,” EHC understands that strong companies are built from the inside out, one employee at a time. Health and fitness solutions must align with corporate culture and be simple, fun and sustainable in order to benefit the bottom line.


Our collaborative process begins by developing a thorough understanding of the relationship your company has with its employees. This enables us to develop programs and strategies to help you achieve your corporate wellness goals quickly, in a scalable and sustainable manner.


 Our initiatives are always fun to engage and align with your company’s cultural, fiscal and wellness objectives.  We understand that even in tumultuous times, the most successful companies are those that keep simplicity at their core. EHC is committed to helping corporations of all sizes build simple, fun and sustainable solutions that have long-lasting impact.



An onsite gym facility provides a practical solution for many of the health and fitness challenges facing today’s desk-bound employees. EHC has the creative insight and hands-on experience to handle any fitness center design request, regardless of scope or size. We specialize in tailoring custom-built gym solutions that meet your budget and wellness objectives.


Whether you seek to transform a 500 square foot room into a state-of-the-art space, or wish to build a training center that serves thousands, our design and equipment procurement specialists will ensure that your space works in harmony with your environment. EHC will also customize and deliver an ongoing gym management solution that includes the sourcing and hiring of all staff. We will advise on everything from space allocation, equipment procurement and installation, lighting, energy-saving solutions, fitness-class programming and alternative treatment solutions.



Our custom health and fitness solutions are as diverse and unique as the companies we serve. Do you seek a desk-driven, digital solution for reducing the healthcare costs associated with repetitive stress injuries? Do you want to run a comprehensive yoga or dance program to improve your employees’ energy levels and sense of well-being? Or, perhaps your company wishes to organize challenges and social competitions that bring your people together to accomplish a common goal?


If your company is seeking to implement a comprehensive wellness initiative that keeps your employees engaged, healthy and happy, EHC can help. We work hard to build supportive and trusting relationships with our clients and we welcome your ongoing collaboration and participation.


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