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At EHC, the difference is our people. Unlike other wellness providers, we don’t position ourselves as a program, platform or game. We are, first and foremost, people. We also happen to have decades of experience in the field of health and fitness and a passion for helping other people find their way to better health and happiness.


Behind the passion and the perspective of Ethos Health Company is its founder, Derek Bloom-Johnson. A life-long athlete with broad perspectives on health and fitness. He is committed to shaking up outdated and gimmicky ideas about “corporate wellness” in favor of common-sense simplicity that delivers results.


Having worked with leaders of industry, from lawyers to advertising executives to CEOs, Derek understands that regardless of type of work or job title, people feel that they’ve been forced to give up some aspect of their bodies and their lives in exchange for their careers. In response, Derek founded Ethos Health Company to help employees and employers work together to align physical culture with corporate culture and build stronger companies in the process.


“They are not one-dimensional "trainers" but studious multi-modal thinkers and diverse students who bring fresh thinking that embodies yoga, cross-training, martial arts, circus arts, weight training, military conditioning, and dance.”


                                             Eric McDougall
                                             Minister of Cool – Zynga






Ethos Health Company is not your typical, one-size-fits-all “corporate wellness provider.” We understand that strong companies are built from the inside out, one employee at a time. Health and fitness solutions must align with corporate culture and be simple, fun and sustainable in order to benefit the bottom line.

For forward-leaning, culture-creating companies, EHC represents a return to the basics—a reintroduction of the concepts of physical culture, applied within the modern context of corporate culture. While we embrace simplicity, we do not reject technology. EHC is quick to adapt to new ideas and committed to helping employers and employees reclaim technology in ways that are simple and fun and that satisfy a basic human desire for community.

Whether your company seeks to build an on-site gym, run a yoga program, or implement a digital solution to enhance employees’ workouts, EHC can customize a fitness program and platform to meet the unique needs of your corporation and its culture.


Find out more about EHC’s corporate services.



“EHC never approached my team with a rigid product or set of expectations. They asked, ‘What does Zynga want from its fitness program?’ not ‘We're the experts, we already know what you need' which is how other providers approached us.”


Ellen Goodenow
Wellness Program Director - Zynga
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