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Zynga Case Study

When the largest social game developer in Silicon Valley asked EHC to create a progressive wellness solution that would match its growth and unique corporate ethos, we jumped at the opportunity.

From the start, our mission was simple: Create a real-world wellness platform to mirror Zynga’s self-directed, playful and forward-leaning culture. To coincide with Zynga’s move into its new headquarters, EHC helped the company launch a full-spectrum wellness initiative from the ground up. This included the design of a 10,000 square foot state-of-the art training center and fitness classes designed to reflect the corporation’s play-driven culture.

EHC also leads morale-boosting events inside and outside the fitness center that reflect the client’s innovative culture and drive employee participation.


"I have learned so much from working with EHC, both about fitness and about the level of passion a vendor can bring to a client. EHC has never approached working with my team with a rigid product or set of expectations. From the beginning, they've said 'What does Zynga want from its fitness program?' not 'We're the experts, we already know what you need' which is the line other providers have taken with us.

They picked up the culture and needs of our employees quickly and developed a truly unique, fun-focused program for us— what other company offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kettelbell Clinics, Acro Sports classes and a Surf-Club all from one in-house gym? I can't wait to see how our fitness program will evolve under their direction. They are truly a blast to work with."


Ellen Goodenow
Wellness Program Director


"Their programs are interesting; they frequently change to avoid being stale; and are simply fun. EHC truly delivers on the promise of getting more employees participating. It is this unique approach that separates EHC from the myriad of corporate wellness providers."


James Morgensen
VP Workplace - Zynga


"When we initially conceived the gym in our new and first-ever headquarters building for Zynga, we amassed input from employees about what they wanted to see in a workplace gym facility. From the very beginning concept phase we partnered with EHC to help align the employees' wishes with the realities and limitations of an on-premises gym.

Now that we are up and operating, it's truly amazing to see how EHC continued to innovate and bring delight to the Zynga community. They are not one-dimensional "trainers" in the traditional sense, but studious multi-modal thinkers and diverse students who bring fresh thinking that embodies dance, yoga, cross-training, martial arts, circus arts, weight training, military conditioning, and dance.

This is important in a sedentary, computer-focused games and engineering-driven culture. EHC's program meets our goals of attracting people out of their workstations to move in ways that appeal to them, as well as benefitting Zynga with higher employee satisfaction and motivation, as well as higher retention and productivity."


Eric McDougall
Minister of Cool

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