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Workplace Wellness …


Catchphrase or integral component to a sound business strategy?

More and more, employers understand that helping employees stay healthy is good business. That’s the good news. The bad news is that too many wellness providers fall back on academic, outdated and gimmicky approaches to corporate health and fitness.

EHC is shifting the perception of corporate health and fitness.

Ethos Health Company is changing the way corporate wellness programming is done, one company at a time. We understand that your employees want programs that are simple, fun and meaningful to them as individuals and as members of a unique corporate culture. That’s why EHC’s processes depend on real solutions that are easy to implement and a snap to scale. Our fluid and flexible approach means that we are quick to adapt to new ideas and new technologies. Our solutions are totally unique, because nothing is “off limits.” Surfing? Brazilian jiu-jitsu? Yoga? Dance? EHC will customize a program and platform that works for your culture.



We like to have fun, too. We believe that putting the “fun” back into corporate health and fitness is what it takes to ensure long-term, sustainable results for employers and employees.



“EHC's program meets our goals of attracting people out of their workstations to move in ways that appeal to them and it benefits Zynga with higher employee satisfaction, motivation, retention and productivity."


Eric McDougall
Minister of Cool – Zynga

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